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Terra Madre Salone Del Gusto 2022

Let’s participate on the event “Terra Madre”! 🌱🌎
“Mothers Garden” is a collective project for future generations in which traditions and memories are cultivated through stories which are archived and shared to document the inestimable diversity and sovereignty of different cultures.

The UNISG alumnus Samantha de Lucena- Caldato and Marine d’ Aboville founders of Ammar Seeds will talk about the project and together with Enrico Clarelli propose a workshop.

Free entry while seats last.

📍Terra Madre Salone Del Gusto is in Parco Dora, Turin, from SEPTEMBER 22-26,2022, with over 600 exhibitors and a series of workshops, conferences and tastings that show how we can regenerate our planet through food.


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20 - Solidarité 
30 - Sustainable
40 - Abondance *
(euros /roues) - * * Cette cotisation nous aide `a la réalisation des potagers des Meres. This contribution goes to the project Potagers des Meres.

Potagers des Mères  - Mothers’ Gardens 

In the three weeks leading up to the inauguration of “Mothers’ Gardens”, we will hold a series of workshops with the women of Amidon. During these encounters, we will collect memories, stories, wisdom and recipes, which will be embroidered on bedsheets that belonged to the legendary actress Jeanne Moreau, an acclaimed master storyteller. The sheets, which were kindly donated by the Jeanne Moreau Foundation, will mark the beginning of our cartography of human displacements. By interweaving threads and stories, we hope to capture and cultivate dreams for an inclusive, multicultural future. 


The AMMAR Seeds workshops will take place in the educational vegetable garden “La Gioventu” at the Jardin de Brantes. Under the careful cultivation of Lisa Sørensen, "La Gioventu" has achieved Ecocert and Biodynamic certification. It is in this context of growth and nurture for the organic that we will exchange wisdom and practices of care. Together with our collaborators and guests Jean-Michel Florin, Sophie Barbaux,  Maÿlis and Cyril Guiraud, we will create a safe space that celebrates diverse human experience. We will capture new memories through embroidery, a craft known both for its peaceful domesticity and as a political act of resistance. 


The AMMAR Seeds workshops will be filmed by documentarist Mahtab Mansour and exhibited to raise funds for the creation of Mothers’ Gardens in urban areas around the world.

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Dr. Vandana Shiva is a world-renowned scientist, environmentalist and activist, philosopher, and speaker on agricultural and food systems, the environment, women's issues, farmers' rights, and global systems. 

She received her Ph.D. in "Hidden variables and non-locality in quantum theory" from Canada's University of Western Ontario. 

She is the founder of Navdanya, ('Nine seeds),' the global movement for Seed Freedom, farmers' freedom, and seed and food sovereignty, and is a vocal campaigner in defense of biodiversity, farmers' right to seed and peoples right to healthy food. A prolific author, her books make the social, economic, and ecological costs of globalization visible. Her book, "Staying Alive," helped redefine perceptions of third-world women. Her latest book, just published in Italian, 'From Greed to Care,' is on how to address today's many crises created by an economy of greed by cultivating an economy of care.  

She is the recipient of many awards, including the Right Livelihood Award (also known as the alternative Nobel Prize). Time Magazine identified Dr. Shiva as an environmental "hero" in 2003, and Asia Week has called her one of the five most influential communicators of Asia.

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Mahtab Mansour With a focus on documentaries exploring unusual social situations and conditions in women's lives, Mahtab has been producing and directing films for over 25 years.  She has written feature film scripts, run many seminars about cinema, and organized and managed film festivals, including the first Iranian Documentary Film festival.

Born in Iran, Mahtab grew up in Teheran and left for Paris in 1980 to study Cinema at the Sorbonne University, followed by her master’s in esthetics and Art. Currently, Mahtab resides and works in Paris.


Bela Gil is a chef, nutritionist, activist and author of 5 bestselling cookbooks in Brazil. Her career has spanned many fields: food, television and media, healthcare, women’s rights, public policy, and education. She hosts a cooking show where she visits small organic farms, teaches the principles of agroecology and cooks for Brazilian celebrities. Bela is the chef of the vegetarian restaurant Camélia Òdòdó in São Paulo. Bela’s goal is to raise awareness about the importance of healthy cooking and eating in order to sustain a harmonious life and planet.

She graduated with a BS in Nutrition from Hunter College and a diploma in Culinary Art’s from the Natural Gourmet Institute, both in New York. In 2019 she got a Master degree of Gastronomy at the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Italy.


Jean-Michel Florin undertook his studies in agriculture and nature conservation, continuing in Goethean science studies and biodynamics at the Goetheanum Research Institute in Switzerland, where, in 2010 he became co-leader of the Institute’s Biodynamic Section.  Coordinator of the French biodynamic movement (Mouvement d'Agriculture Bio-Dynamique) (1988 - 2014), Editor of the French magazine ‘Biodynamic’. Co-creator of BPREA, a 2-year agricultural certificate in biodynamics.   He lectures and leads training courses in many countries on the Goethean method in biodynamic agriculture, plants, landscape, nutrition, medicinal herbs, and is the author of numerous articles on biodynamics and related subjects. He is on the Board of a number of networks and associations including BFDI (International biodynamic federation) and Petrarca (Academy for the culture of European landscapes).


Lisa Sørensen After graduating with a national diploma in popular education, while visiting Europe, Lisa gained wide and varied experience working on farms, on humanitarian missions, and social projects. She enjoys experiencing ways of sharing knowledge for a sustainable future.  Today she works with teenagers at the Steiner Waldorf school as a garden teacher and tutoring farming projects.

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Maÿlis et Cyril Guiraud are founders and keepers of ’l’arbre aux étoiles” an “Ecolieu”, ‘ecological place’ in Normandy, their home region in France.  This they share and administer based on a deep ecology approach, principally through the dynamic of participative work-camps that allow the creation of a local community of committed people who contribute to the maintenance of the place while creating links.   Convinced that eco-places are part of the solution to the major challenges ahead, they are at the origin of the "Guardians of Places" network, which brings together guardians of places (or future guardians) committed to an eco-spiritual approach and willing to activate synergies and mutual aid between places.  Today they are leading actors in the movement of the societal and environmental renewal in France, while being strongly anchored in their territory.

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Sophie Barbaux 

Immersed in contemporary visual and performing arts, fields in which she has worked from 1984 to 2004,  her gardens from 2007 to today, whether public (Senate, Centre Universitaire University Centre Malesherbes/Sorbonne Paris IV, Institut Innovant de Formation par la Recherche/Paris, IGN/Météo France,...) or private and her publishing projects, are naturally at the crossroads of several disciplines, echoes of our collective memories. After meeting the RJSM (Réseau des Jardins Solidaires Méditerranéens), of which she has been president since 2017, she turned to the design, development and animation of solidarity gardens, shared, educational, therapeutic, transgenerational, collective and/or individual plots, which constitute the major part of her professional commitment today: Joyeux Jardin of the MECS Le Mas Joyeux / Marseille, Jardin du Soleil du Bartas/Vitrolles, Jardin Peyret/Septèmes-les-Vallons, to name just a few.  With new objectives underlying these gardens: organic production and soil regeneration, access for all to quality and diversified food, and the exchange of culinary practices, and the (re)discovery of the generous wild flora.