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AMMAR Seeds is a not-for profit 501 c3 organization based in California in partnership with Academia In Vivo in Europe.

Ammar Seeds diffuses knowledge and awareness of the interconnections between soil, plants, life on earth and the food we cook and eat. Our project passionately believes in the power of co-creation and the transmission of wisdom. We organize encounters bringing people together around food, stories, and contact with the land to ingrain an agri-culture of survival.


The soil here is an interface for dialogue. Plants carry stories and identities intertwined with traditional knowledge, local sharing and mutual assistance networks. They are also about resistance, evolution, adaptation and regeneration. By understanding how food shapes relationships through old and new rituals and cultural expression, we seek to cultivate and integrate connections through the arts, nurturing the creativity of youth and future generations. A precious legacy handed down from generation to generation, evoking nature and culture. 


Evolution is about collaboration rather than competition, and Ammar Seeds is a project merging ancestral knowledge and contemporary innovation.


We are guided by the concept of "bem viver", Portuguese for "living well”. Our gatherings and the recording of the received stories that unfold are always celebrated with a collective meal, prepared only with locally grown products and recipes that are stories in themselves. The power of a simple meal fires the imagination, spreads joy, and opens the heart to exchange with others.



Ana Fortes -  Bela Gil -  Monique Maion - Mario Caldato Jr - Ari Moskowitz - Ilana Paterman Brasil - Penelope Spica - Caroline Lockhart - Viviane Nabas - Alessandro Telone


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