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AMMAR Seeds diffuses knowledge and awareness of the interconnections between soil, plants, life on earth, and the food we cook and eat. Our project passionately believes in the power of co-creation and the transmission of wisdom. We organize encounters, bringing people together around food, stories, and contact with the land to embed an agri-culture of survival. 
The soil is an interface for dialogue. Plants carry not only stories but also memories and care practices. By understanding how food shapes relationships through old and new rituals and cultural expression, we seek to cultivate and integrate connections through the arts, nurturing the creativity of youth and future generations. From the stories shared in our encounters, we build an edible garden ("Our Mothers' Garden") and a Living Archive ("Stories, memories and recipes of care").

Gardens are connectors and creators of life; at times like this, we need more than ever to create spaces for sharing and connecting. Through our encounters and the ideas they generate, we will cultivate our project: "Stories, memories and recipes of care" - an interactive archive presented and constructed digitally as an itinerant exhibition in the form of an installation.  


Who and where are our people? What stories do they carry with them? What recipes, memories and care practices can we share? What would a cartography of cultural human displacement without national frontiers look like?


Cooking is a bio-cultural process that differentiates us from all other living beings and differentiates one human culture from another. Seeds and recipes carry culture, and in times of forced displacement, cooking is one of the few expressions that allow humans to reconnect with their cultures. Cooking is a dialogue between humans, the soil and the food it provides, a catalyst between humans, the soil, and the food we grow from it. These dialogues are maps to better ways of living for all of us.

AMMAR Seeds is co-creating and composting with diverse traditions, deep heritage, and bountiful knowledge. 

We bring these stories together to create a new mapping of seeds, crops and cuisines, drawing on stories of place and travel to find new patterns and possibilities. Through our itinerant co-creation and the performance of our character - “the messenger of memories” - the stories will be recorded orally as well as registered through text, drawings, and paintings, onto tissue belonging to actress Jeanne Moreau, our canvas for the creation of this new cartography.


Food is about caring for the environment and others. Evolution is about collaboration rather than competition, and AMMAR Seeds is a project that merges ancestral knowledge with contemporary innovation, always with a seasoning of music.