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Marine d’Aboville spent her childhood in Asia and studied communication and theatrical training in France and Canada.

For more than 20 years, she has developed heritage and craft projects with women and children in Orissa, India. She leads workshops and carries out programs with an educational, artistic, and ecological dimension with schoolchildren in the Region of Provence, France, and other parts of Europe. She is very active in social and theatrical initiatives, coordinates and sets up teams for cultural festivals. Crossing different cultures, her passion is to forge links, sow seeds between actors from various fields.


Samantha de Lucena Caldato was born and raised in Brasil and has been living around the world for the last 25 years of her life setting home with her family in Los Angeles, CA.  She is a Graduated from ICE - Institute of Culinary Education in Culinary in Plant-base Cooking and a Master's Degree in Agroecology and Foods Sovereignty at UNISG. Samantha founded Paisagismo Comestível, an edible urban garden design initiative in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, and has been performing and doing in-situ installations connecting food, practices of care and bio-music.

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Caroline Lockhart has lived and worked in various countries around the world, including in UN missions for free and fair elections in Namibia, South Africa and East Timor.  She moved from New York to Florence, Italy in 2003 to take up an assignment with the Region of Tuscany on globalization issues, where she now lives.  Care for the environment, social freedom and economic justice guide her work and activities. She is co-founder of Navdanya International, an NGO created in 2011 to strengthen the Navdanya movement’s global outreach in its mission to protect Nature, Earth’s biodiversity and people’s rights to seed and healthy food and to protect indigenous knowledge and culture, created 35 years ago by Dr. Vandana Shiva.  


Ana Fortes is an art director and graphic designer from Rio de Janeiro. From 1998 to 2010 she had been working on design field, creating logos, exhibitions, books and catalogues of art. In 2006 she was invited to do the art direction of the #68 edition of Colors Magazine, Treviso (Italy). She’d been participated as speaker at international congresses and conferences in Chile, Argentina and Mexico. She had been an online jury for the international social projects Good 50x70 and Poster for Tomorrow. 

Currently has her own graphic design studio where develops and carries out projects for the cultural and commercial clients, beyond developing her personal projects, as producer and curator of design exhibitions.

Ana Fortes has created our AMMAR Seeds logo and our graphic design.

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Enrico Clarelli was born in Naples, a lively Italian city where he spent his childhood. In his youth, he lived in Florence where he discovered art in its many aspects. A three-year theatrical training with Dario Fo' and Vittorio Gassman, among others, allowed him to become a storyteller and actor and to measure the pedagogical capacities of a story.  For the last 30 years, he has lived in France where he works with troupes that travel all over Europe. In parallel to his artistic activities, he teaches theater to vulnerable people in cultural centers, theaters and employment centers. He likes to undertake projects where the best between people is central, and since always he thinks his artistic experiences as gestures to enchant life.

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Idanna Pucci is a writer drawn to true stories, focused on the oral tradition and social justice. Her stories open windows onto different epochs and dramas of life in both near and far-flung places. Her books include: The Epic of Life, a classic on Balinese mythology; The Lady of Sing Sing recounts a groundbreaking battle for justice in 1895 to save a young immigrant woman from execution; Brazzà in Congo narrates the life of a pioneer defender of indigenous rights in Africa; The World Odyssey of a Balinese Prince relates the adventures of a great humanist and medical doctor who bridged East and West. Her award winning documentary, Eugenia of Patagonia, delves into the pioneering life of a great environmentalist who founded a town at the end of the world, and served as the first female mayor in Chile.

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SELVAGEM meaning ‘Wild’ in Portuguese,  is an experience of connecting knowledge deriving from indigenous, academic, scientific, traditional and other sources. Idealized by Anna Dantes, guided by Ailton Krenak, produced by Madeleine Deschamps and carried out by a collective consisting of a community, scientists, indigenous peoples representatives, artists, supporters, participants and public. 

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Christiane Botbol has devoted her professional life to cultural policies, first in a national and then in an international context. She is keen to share the power of the creative spirit with as many people as possible, which frees them from all constraints. After returning in 2006 from her last mission in Madagascar, she collaborated in charge of advocacy at Coordination Solidarité Urgence Développement to commission sustainable development objectives. Concerned about the irretrievable loss of nature, she has returned to her second passion the irretrievable loss of nature, healing with natural means and feeding herself by favoring the use of botanicals. In Normandy, where she lives, she is in contact with the 'eco-environment.' group "l'arbre aux étoiles" and the Montviette Nature association in the Pays d'Auge, concerned with safeguarding seeds and plants through transmission, the only example in France of a conservatory garden. Transmission is the subject of the documentary dedicated to her, "Christiane Botbol,  la passion des éclosions," by Marine d'Aboville and Enrico Clarelli. Finally, she participates in the approach of Anima Terra,  the association in which ecology and spirituality are mutually nourished, within the network Vivre reliés (Living connected), a movement of places and resources inspired by the wisdom of nature and spiritual traditions.


Ilana Paterman Brasil is a Brazilian visual artist, post-graduated by the Kunsthochschule für Medien Köln, Germany, and a designer graduated by ESDI/UERJ, Brazil. She is currently a PhD candidate at this institution, investigating a decolonial approach to technologies.

Ilana has created our illustrations and our AMMAR Seeds animation.

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Terence Ward is a writer and documentary producer whose stories range across time and place. Raised in the Middle East, his writings follow themes of bridge-building that transcend cultural divides, focusing on Iran, Arabia and Indonesia. His books include:  Searching for Hassan, The Guardian of Mercy and The Wahhabi Code. He collaborates with eco-activists of Forever Sabah battling to save Borneo's indigenous communities and their rainforest. He has contributed to the Italian-based Ecologist and the Eco-narrative Program of the Libera Università dell’Autobiografia in Anghiari.  In the past, he also collaborated with Teddy Goldsmith, founder of The Ecologist magazine.